Horse Laying

Welcome to horse We deliver per e-mail, short priced selections on a daily basis, sent before 11pm. All of our selections are proofed to racing-index.

The advent of betting exchanges in recent years has changed the way money moves around the sport forever. In the past there was simply a backer and a layer, the layer being the bookmaker, but now we can all get involved and increase the chances of profiting from the races. We simply cannot just think anymore of betting on the sport being between a backer and a layer, there is far more to it now and the opportunities are endless for those who like to take the time to analyse races properly and believe they have an idea what the outcome may be even for the Grand National 2014.



The profits which are shown and proofed through racing-index have been reached by laying the selections up to a maximum of 4.00 on BETFAIR. The selections which are sent out do fluctuate, but if you stick by the rules (laying only the selections which are under 4.00 on Betfair)those profits can be made. If you are not confident in laying, please do not bet should the horse racing odds go above 2.20 on a betting exchange. If you are confident and experienced in laying then the full system is ideal.

We send short priced laying selections per e-mail the evening before race day(10pm).

Before the exchanges came along, many punters would spot a likely favourite that, for one reason or another, they thought would not win but there was no way to profit from that other than picking out one other horse against it and backing that one to win. These days though, a punter may spot such a horse and ‘lay’ the horse on the exchanges, i.e. they play bookmaker and offer odds on the horse winning the race with other punters backing the horse with them. Should the horse lose, that person is in profit!
Certain big races such as the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National are notoriously difficult to win meaning favourites may have a particularly poor record, the opportunity to lay horses therefore has been a great invention for people to get in on the bookmakers’ act. There will always be in inclination for people to want to back the favourite in a race, thinking that its position in the market really does mean it has the best chance of winning, however those in the know will often think a favourite is ‘weak’ and therefore the opportunity to lay that type of horse presents itself. But you can view some horse race betting tips and predictions for these festivals to try and get the best idea on where to place your bet.

For others it is simply about value; those who are frustrated at not finding what they perceive to be a good enough price about horses they wish to back may instead offer to lay horses and acquire their profits that way. There will always be those in favour and those against the public being able to lay horses and effectively back them to lose, but at the very least the exchanges have offered a choice, something different for the punters to get involved in and that can only be a good thing.
Being able to lay bets is now commonplace in just about every sport anywhere in the world, but it was horse racing in Britain where it all started and continues to grow at a fast rate.

The Grand National is one of the most prestigious racing events and one of the toughest racecourses. With 40 horses and jockeys lined up find out who will be
the Grand National betting favourite to win!